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  • Pink Fondant Vizyon Vegetarian - 500 grams

    Pink Fondant Vizyon Vegetarian - 500 grams

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    Pink Vizyon Vegetarian Rolled Fondant

    A lovely soft  pink sure to please the romantics.

    We  spent many months testing Fondants from all over before we discovered this one at a Qld Cake Expo.  It is so easy to use, tastes great and is vegetarian that's right NO animal ingredients  used in this product.

    We love it as the colours blend beautiful to create more colours and there is no colour transfer to your hands. 


    High quality fondant/sugar paste

    • Longer drying time making it easier to use;
    • Smoother finish;
    • No colour transfer – your hands stay clean whilst working with Vizyon fondant;
    • Humidity resistant – allows you to decorate a cold cake right after coating it, with almost no condensation;
    • Increased Elasticity  – Vizyon rolled Fondant can stretch around the corners of your cakes with ease.... say goodbye to cracks!;
    • Comes in a range of bright and fun colours designed to appeal to youngsters and the young at heart.

    Directions for Use:

    Vizyon Rolled Fondant should be  kneaded until it reaches smooth and even consistency this takes a only a moment.

    Dust your rolling surface  with a little Cornflour before you begin, roll out to the thickness you want for your particular cake and coat your cake.

    Vizyon Rolled Fondant can also be used for making flowers and figurines add extra  icing sugar or some Tylose powder for a firmer paste - see our Cup Cake the Kitten's helpful tips for more hints on producing your perfect creation.


    • Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water. Modified Potato Starch, Vegetable Margarine
    • Solvent (422) Thickner (466) Preservative (202), Flavouring Vanilla
    • Weight  500 gmsImported by Polen food Oceania

    Storage Conditions :

    Keep closed in a cool (25 degree C)

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