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Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time left to produce that special something for your celebrations so when you want to say something really special and personal on your celebration cake then we have the digital answer for you.

We have tested these Icing sheets  and they are very unique in that they are made using a special formula that keeps them natural and tasting delicious unlike other icing sheets that were popular in the past.

The ingredients are: Water, Starches ( E1422, E1412), Glycerin, Sugar, Stabilisers (E414,E460) Dextrose, Emulsifiers (E435,E471) , Food Colour (E171), Vanilla Flavoring. Preservative (E202, E330)

What Do they Taste Like:

While some icing sheets don't have a pleasant taste (or any taste for that matter), our icing sheets have a soft non-grainy texture that melts in your mouth with a delicious vanilla taste.

We want your celebration cake to taste and good as it looks and that is why we selected this Edible Icing Range.

What about the ink?

And the inks are special to all natural food colouring giving a brilliant finish.

The edible ink is one of the most safest inks that can be consumed by humans. All our edible ink is not only dairy and gluten free, but free also of nut and egg.

Our supplier imports commercial high quality edible inks. The ink is high end quality allows for crisp and vivid colours that are replicated amazingly very close to the original photo or image you print.

  • FDA Approved
  • Dairy and Egg Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • High Clarity and Vivid Colours
  • No Fading

Are the Toppers Vegetarian and Gluten Free?

Yes they are and contain more natural ingredients than the currently used icing sheets so I guess you could call our sheets organic.

Our icing sheets contains Corn, product is gluten and nut free. however we cannot guarantee they are completely free of any traces of nuts as they may have been made on machinery that was used in the production of nut products.

What sizes are available?

Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake

At the  moment we have:

A4 size sheet

To create your special design is a simple process

  1. Select your sheet size
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Add some text
  4. Preview
    • Remember we will print exactly what you send us so check it carefully
    • Tick the box to say you have checked and want this design
  5. Submit the information together with your payment

To achieve the best image quality we recommend

We know your picture is important to you so it is imperative that the images are of a high resolution.   It is preferred that the image is at least 500kb in size and is 300dpi. If the image fills your computer screen and looks clear when viewing it should be ok to print.  If your image is small like a postage stamp on your screen then this will not be suitable for printing.  

Images need to be emailed in either a jpg, jpeg, or pdf format.     To save your document as a pdf you need to select File - Print - Save As PDF.

Feel free to email the image to us at to confirm that it is suitable. 

Want to do something really special with your photo?  Then there are a lot of free sites to help you create your master pieces  search on google.  We have tried these free collage makers for edible images and they're simple to use, easy to save your collage ready to email to us for printing.

Be Funky

Photo Visi

How much is the freight?

Freight is free to anywhere in Australia

Delivery time is  down to Australia post  standard delivery to your region plus allow us 3 days  to process your order we aim to get your order with you in one week.

How much does it cost?

Only $20.00 per sheet includes freight

Edible Icing Toppers :: Build My Cake

Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cakeurprise :: Build My Cake
Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake Edible Digital Images for Icing Sheets :: Build My Cake