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3D Effect CupCake using PME Cutter

Julie White - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

3D Effect CupCake using PME Cutter

Holiday time means time to experiment with our new cutters.  Dakota has been busy with the new Diamond shape cutters and created this wonderful 3D effect cupcake topper.

Using Vizyon fondant she blend the colours to create 3 shades.  Vizyon fondant blends really easily just select your colours and  knead together until you have a smooth colour.

Then  roll out some white fondant to create the base for the pattern cut this with a cookie cutter to fit the top of your cupcake 

using the Diamond shape cutter  your pack of cutters comes in 3 sizes so select the small one .

simply press out equal amounts of each colour.

layer  the diamonds as in the picture securing with a little edible glue as you go and then trim the edges to match your circle.  cover a cupcake with butter  icing and then gently add your competed topper.



Enjoy CupCake the Kitten Chef

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cupcakes

Julie White - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cupcakes

Its not too late for one more Christmas idea, this is a simple but cute little cupcake topper.

We have used our Snowflake cutter for the antlers and our rose petal cutter for the ears and  blended  our lovely Vizyon brown and white  fondant to create this little beauty. 

First  cut a circle of white  to cover your cupcake 

Knead together the brown and white Vizyon fondant if you want it to be a bit firmer  then add a little Tylose powder. Cut a smaller circle for the reindeer head

Still using the brown fondant  use the snowflake cutter  and gently separate  the shapes to form an antler. Use the rose petal shape to cut the ears

using a little  cake glue, which can be made from Tylose powder and water or  just a little apricot jam will do the trick ,  glue the head, antlers and on to your cupcake top.

Add a small red circle for the nose and  little ovals for the eyes and hey presto you have this cute little reindeer!

Merry Christmas from CupCake the Kitten Chef!

New Products Geometric Multi-Cutters from PME

Julie White - Tuesday, December 12, 2017
THEY ARE HERE! The year’s most exciting launch!!

All NEW PME Geometric MultiCutters. Save time on decorating that’s never been easier! Feel free to get in touch for details, including fantastic images, supporting videos and everything you will need to help selling this great, end-user friendly products.

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